A Guide to Supplying Files

We want your graphic files to print correctly the first time and look exactly how you'd expect; here's some helpful hints.

General Specifications 

Apply 3mm bleed where applicable.

Crop marks
Please apply crop/trim marks to your document.

Rich black
We suggest you use ‘Rich Black’ when a black background is required, rather than just using 100% black. Rich Black is 40% cyan and 100% black. Not only does this produce a more even coverage of ink, it produces a stronger, darker and more luxurious solid black. Never use the colour labelled ‘Registration’ for a black background.

Correct number of pages
If you are producing a standard saddlestitch (stapled) booklet, the page count in your file should be divisible by 4.

Supplying PDFs for multiple page documents
One file is preferable. or if the PDF is for a booklet, one file for the cover, and one file for the insert.

Save file as a PDF
Save as a high resolution PDF. If unsure, please contact us and we will send you further information for making PDFs from Acrobat.
Ideally, save a PDF from a graphic design programme such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator.

Offset Printing 

Set your artwork up in the correct colour mode for offset printing, which is CMYK process colour, or PMS spot colours for corporate work. Anything you supply in RGB will be automatically converted to CMYK and may not necessarily best represent the colour you thought you were achieving, so it is always best to set your file in CMYK.

Image Resolution
We print at 200lpi at 2400dpi for superior sharp reproduction. For best results your colour images should be set to 300ppi @ 100% size.

Image Format
Convert images to CMYK, and save as flattened TIFF or JPEG files (don’t compress files).

Line Art
Scan line art at 800-1200dpi at 100%.

Coloured Text
Avoid colouring text below 10pt.

Total Ink Coverage
All colours (including images) should have a total ink coverage of less than 300% (coated stock) or 250% (uncoated).

Avoid using hairlines less than 0.25pt.

Digital Printing 

RBG images are acceptable for digital printing, however print on paper will never be as bright as images on screen, especially blues and oranges.

Corporate Colours
Set up using PMS spot colours and we will endeavour to match as closely as possible.

rhiann 8
Rhiannon Rhodes, one of our team of Graphic Designers.


As part of our printing process, we check supplied files and will get back to you with any problems.

Word or Publisher documents
These are ideal for internal office programmes, but may cause some printing problems, usually when printing Offset. If we cannot fix these, we will get back to you.



Business cards
55 x 90 mm
BC 1
1189 x 841 mm
841 x 594 mm
594 x 420 mm
420 x 297 mm
297 x 210 mm
210 x 148 mm
105 x 148 mm
100 200 300 DL
210 x 99 mm
DLE Envelope
114 x 225 mm
C4 envelope 
C4 Envelope
229 x 324 mm
dle envelope

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