Designing Books

After a consultation, Craigs Design & Print’s experienced book designer (over 600 titles to her credit) will take your Word document and digital images, photos, illustrations and memorabilia, and creatively arrange these elements on each page in the best way to suit your subject matter.

Or, if you wish to provide your own artwork, please supply a PDF and we will print the book just as you have designed it.

For more information on book design and supplying files ready to print, please click here for our PUBLISHING GUIDE.

Family Histories

The Internet has made researching Family Histories so much easier and many people spend many happy hours (or even years) online investigating their genealogy. And what better at the end of all that effort than a sturdy printed and bound Family History – to be poured over, treasured and passed down through the ages. Most home authors will have set out their text and illustrations in a Word document or Publisher at A4 size. Craigs Design & Print can take your files and print and bind them as is. Alternatively, we can design and reformat your text and illustrations to your specifications..

Family Trees

Whether you would like us to print out a poster you have supplied to us as a PDF, or whether you would like us to create a Family Tree for you from your Word document or handwritten notes, Craigs Design & Print are able to produce an attractive Family Tree ready to be framed and displayed in your own home, or given away as gifts.