Bookbinding is an art that has been perfected down the centuries. There’s a style of binding available for every budget and Craigs Design & Print can show you samples of each kind. Our experienced staff can talk over the pros and cons of each kind of binding so all your requirements are met satisfactorily.

General Services

Craigs Design & Print have all the traditional finishing services you would expect – collating, creasing, drilling, folding, numbering, padding, perforating, rimming, scoring, slitting, stapling and trimming.

A – SADDLESTITCH: Stapled in the centre – suitable for booklets and magazines. Page numbers have to be in multiples of 4 to make the folded booklet. As few as 8 pages can be used or up to around 72 pages (depending on weight of paper).
B – SQUARE EDGE: This option, suitable for booklets up to 36 pages, is stapled into a soft cover with a flat spine.
C – WIROBOUND: Suitable for cookbooks and other books that are to lie flat. Available in plastic or metal wires in black or white.
D – PURBOUND: Purbinding uses a different stronger adhesive than the less popular Perfect binding; once the glue has set, it is almost impossible to tear a page out of a Purbound book and a square spine can be achieved on even the smallest page count. A Purbound book lays flatter than a Perfect book, but not quite as flat as a Sewn book (though it does depend on the number of pages). Ideal for small-run books.
E – SEWN & DRAWN: Sewn with thread with a drawn on cover, this binding is mainly used in book production requiring more durability. Especially suitable for books that have a medium-to-heavy paper weight (128–170 gsm). Sewn and drawn books have a spine and can have a soft cover or hard (casebound) cover.
F – CASEBOUND: Casebound binding is the highest quality binding available and produces a hard cover. The printed cover is usually glued onto heavy board to make a smooth outside cover. Another option available is a leather-look cover (on a range of different colours which can have gold lettering if required) with or without a dustjacket. Endpapers can be printed or not.

LAMINATION: Covers on any of the book binding options can be gloss or matt laminated.
SOFT COVER with or without flaps: Most ‘soft’ book covers are printed on 300gsm card. Flaps are an option to strengthen the finished product.
HARD COVER: Dust jackets are traditionally used to cover casebound books, however a more contemporary option is to have the jacket glued to the binding itself; a more sturdy and longer lasting option. Also available is a leather-look cover (which can have gold lettering if required) with or without a dust jacket.
PRESENTATION BOXES: Presentation or gift boxes available for Collectors Items books are available, sized to the book in question.

A service is available for the repair of old books with loose pages and binding.