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With over a million books printed of nearly a thousand different titles in the past five decades, we’re known nationwide for our designing and production of books – and we’ve even won awards for a number of publications! We specialise in book design and work with our clients providing our expert advice on layout, printing, binding and publishing. Check out our gallery below to view a selection of the books we have printed, or head over to our bookstore to buy one of many Craigs’ produced publications.

Hot off the press

Designed by Craigs’ book designer Ellie van Empel. 
Printed using our high quality offset printing press.

Early Days in Foveaux Strait 

by Lloyd Esler


Foveaux Strait / Te Ara a Kiwa separates the South Island / Te Wai Pounamu from Rakiura / Stewart Island. Illustrated throughout, mostly in colour, this book tells the story of the original inhabitants who lived in small communities on both sides of the Strait, and later arrivals and the relationship between them that set the scene for the foundation of Southland as we know it today.

• Delves into the lifestyle of the early Maori settlements
• Succinct histories of the later European settlements dotted around the coast
• Covers the story of the whalers, sealers, Maori leaders, European explorers, settlers, adventurers, missionaries & surveyors
• The Rosanna and Acheron expeditions, and much more


Lloyd Esler is an Invercargill naturalist, historian and teacher. Much of his time is spent visiting schools to run science programmes. He has written extensively about Southland’s history and natural history. This is his 11th book and he is currently working on several more.

208 pages – colour photographs and black & white drawings
240x170mm portrait – purbound with spine
Publisher: Lloyd Esler, Otatara


New / Recent Publications

Paintings from my Palette

A book on landscape oil paintings by New Zealand artist Murray Ayson – his beautiful and detailed depictions of rugged mountains, native bush, glimmering lakes, ethereal mist and reflections are simply stunning. With images ranging from Fiordland to the West Coast, from Central Otago to Arthur’s Pass, this book will appeal to both those with an interest in art and those who purely love the beauty of the South Island’s scenery.

228 PAGES, A4 LANDSCAPE, COLOUR THROUGHOUT, RRP $65. Part of the proceeds of the sale of this book goes to cancer research. On 19 November 2020 World Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day, $12,420 has been raised to date.

Gran's Big Day Out

Gran decided she needed to do something exciting – but what could she do? A delightful children's story.

16 PAGES, 270x188MM LANDSCAPE, ALL COLOUR, RRP $20. Free shipping within NZ


You'll Never Make It

Fighting prejudice at every turn, young Rod Hall-Jones not only earns his commercial pilot licence, but goes on to become one of the most respected helicopter pilots in NZ, from working six years off the research vessel Calypso for Jacques Cousteau to flying live deer capture in Fiordland's notorious weather conditions.

Four Threads, One Life

Surveyor, helicopter pilot, rally driver and wanderer – John Carter has filled his life with variety, and he's not finished yet. He takes us on a journey through his many adventures, which together form four major threads of his life. 264 PAGES, COLOUR THROUGHOUT, 234X153MM PORTRAIT, RRP $45


Take me to The Nevis

Gold was discovered in Central Otago in 1862. This is the story of one of the goldmining areas – the Nevis Valley. It combines the writings of a young school teacher, Gavine Campbell, with stories of people who braved the challenges the Nevis threw at them. Gavine, her husband and their children were the last family to mine in the Nevis Valley.

320 PAGES, 240x150mm, COLOUR THROUGHOUT, RRP $40. Sold by the author; PaperPlus Dunedin; University Book Shop Dunedin; PaperPlus Alexandra; PaperPlus Cromwell.

Jungle Blues

Self-professed fly-fishing geek Stu Tripney designs flies and runs the NZ Fly Fishing School. Jungle Blues is Stu's first travel memoir, recounting his strange adventures while living in the jungles of Malaysia. A story about the environment, human nature and peculiar friends, this hilarious tale will appeal to anyone who loves the thrill of fishing, travel and adventure.

234 PAGES, 98x128MM, 18 PAGES COLOUR, RRP $40.


Arya and the Boatman

One night, Arya was struggling to fall asleep. Her daddy told a story that would inspire her to be brave and strong. For her second birthday, Arya's daddy turned that story into a book to inspire all young children to be brave and strong, just like Arya.

16 PAGES, 210x150MM LANDSCAPE, ALL COLOUR, RRP $20. Free shipping within NZ

Further Publications Available for Purchase

Shot Over into the Shotover

This book tells the absorbing story of an unusual accident. Experienced pilot Brian Waugh’s Dominie was forced down by engine failure into Queenstown’s Shotover River.

Keith Neylon - A Touch of Madness

The Inside Story Of A Successful Southlander – A New Zealand Primary Industries Entrepreneur From humble beginnings in Nightcaps leaving school at 15, Keith Neylon MNZM has now had more than 50 years’ involvement in New Zealand and international primary industries.

Southern Spirit

Ian Dougherty

Southern Spirit: The People and Places of Southland 
A celebration of southern landscapes, from the fantastic fiords in the west and across the green plains to a fossil forest in the east, this book introduces readers to unique flora and fauna. It acquaints readers with old and new settlers, authors and artists, brewers and distillers, champion shearers and sawyers, machines and the men who collect them. It lays out the region as an enormous playground relished by locals and visitors alike.

84 pages: Colour throughout
286x210mm portrait
Saddle Hill Press
PO Box 90, Dunedin 9054

A Good Joke

Ian Dougherty

A Good Joke  tells the uncensored story of New Zealand’s only convicted art forger, Karl Fedor Sim (Carl Fedor Goldie) and his associates; and provides an insight into the shady side of art dealing and the incompetent side of art expertise in New Zealand over the past five decades. It is also a reliable guide to many of the hundreds of Sim forgeries in public and private ownership, including forgeries that continue to be traded. Let the buyer be informed.

Port to Plains

The politics, the technology and the human stories behind the construction of the Lyttelton Railway Tunnel.

Fraught with Danger

Hunting deer in the mountains led on to crayfishing around the south coast and a helicopter pilot’s licence for Doc Sutherland.

Pulpit Radical

Ian Dougherty

Pulpit Radicaltells the story of one of New Zealand’s most influential social campaigners. From his base as a minister at the St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Dunedin, Rutherford Waddell immersed himself in all manner of causes, most notably in campaigning against the miserable plight of women in the clothing industry, which led to major changes to labour legislation. Although Waddell’s views on subjects such as eugenics and prohibition find little contemporary favour, his campaigning on issues such as poverty and inequality remains relevant today.

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