Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

Craigs are concerned for the environment and have adopted green technologies.

At Craigs we actively pursue a policy of alleviating environmental impacts by adopting green technologies, new eco-friendly products and devising new methods and processes. Our policy includes the monitoring and recycling of production waste that is recyclable and to ensure sustainable business practices are adhered to.

Craigs is committed to integrating environmental considerations into business wherever possible and will at minimum be in full compliance with all relevant legal requirements.

Craigs will continue to advance its environmental policy with the aim to lessen our impact on the environment and to assure clients that the use of paper and products sourced from ‘renewable’ or recycled sources is the first consideration.


Craigs’ recommended paper stocks are sourced from mills certified ISO 14001 in environmental management.

Computer to Plate (CTP)

Craigs is a user of CTP systems eliminating the need for film and its associated chemistry.

Chemical Reduction

Chemical and solvent usage has been drastically reduced. 

Waste Management

Wherever possible, waste generated at Craigs is separated for recycling. Active recycling occurs for Aluminum Printing Plates, Cardboard Packaging, Paper Waste, Plastic, Office Waste and Digital Print Waste Products.

Water and Energy

Craigs has undertaken many initiatives to reduce water, heating and power consumption. Improvement in this area is continuous with regular review of best practice opportunities.