Hart-Parr Tractors in New Zealand


Hart-Parr Tractors are rightly known as the ‘Founders of the Tractor Industry’ having been the first to mass produce tractors with gasoline engines which replaced the steam engine. From 1926-1930 production of three popular tractor models, the 12-24, 18-36 and 28-50, were exported all over the world including NZ and soon became a popular tractor on farms, particularly in Canterbury and the South Island. This books tells the story of a number of Hart-Parrs which have been rescued from under trees and from farm outbuildings where they have lain in varying states of disuse to be faithfully restored. Many of these tractors have a history which is told, along with before and after photos, telling the story of what was said to be the most popular tractor in both NZ and Australia during the 1920s.

100 PAGES, • Colour throughout • 297x210mm

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