Historic Pubs of the South

This book is not meant as some guidebook to a marathon pubcrawl around the South of New Zealand. Instead, it is the history of the early hotels and taverns of the South, which has always intrigued the author – The historic Cardrona Hotel and how it became dry. The Bannockburn Hotel, where incongrously a meeting was held to form a branch of the Temperance Society.

Here too are the stories of the Oasis Hotel, where there was plenty of grog but no accommodation; the United States Hotel, where the bedstead consisted of manuka scrub with sacking nailed across it. This book, a small ‘coffee-table’ book, would be very suitable as a gift, and of great interest to those with a historical bent and an interest in Southland and Central Otago’s history. INCLUDES 180 stunning photographs of pubs and accommodation houses of Southland and Central Otago from the mid 1800s to present day have been brought together with entertaining and enlightening stories about their past by well-known Southland historian John Hall-Jones.


John Hall Jones

Soft Cover 210x200mm

114 Pages

ISBN 978-0-908629-80-0