Fjords of Fiordland

This book is an illustrated history of the fourteen glacier-carved fjords of Fiordland National Park, ‘The Fjords of Fiordland’ is a superb blend of some of New Zealand’s earliest history interlaced with stunning pictures of some of the most magnificent scenery on our planet.

Containing an outstanding collection of over 330 carefully selected sketches, photographs and paintings, the text includes the stories of the Maori battles at Spit Island and the “Wild Natives” of Blight Sound; Captain Cook’s survey of Dusky Sound and the Spanish exploration of Doubtful Sound; the sealers who built the first European houses and ships in New Zealand and the marble mine at Carswell Sound; quotations from the journals of the first Europeans to see the fjords – Captain Cook and his officers; Dr Menzies of Vancouver’s expedition; sealers Robert Murry and John Boubltbee.


John Hall-Jones

Hard Cover 297x210mm

172 Pages

ISBN 0-0-908629-56-7