Historic Treasures of the South

With an impressive total of 31 historical books, popular author Dr John Hall-Jones is in an unique position to write this book on Historic Treasures of the South. Hall-Jones writes of the arrivals of the early Maori and later the Europeans, the navigators, sealers and whalers, in the southern part of New Zealand.

He takes us to the places where they first made landfall and shows us the visible evidence that survives there today.

• Dusky Sound – the remains of Cook’s observatory of 1793. Also the relics of the first two European houses in NZ, the first shipbuilding and the first shipwreck. • Spit Island, Preservation Inlet – the site of two Maori battles in the 1780s. • Cuttle Cove – site of the first whaling station in New Zealand. • Codfish Island – first European settlement in southern New Zealand and now a sanctuary for the very rare kakapo.


John Hall Jones

Soft Cover 210x220mm

128 Pages

ISBN 978-0-908629-72-5